Solar Power

Posted on Oct 12, 2012

The solar array is finally up and running- it is great to see the arrows blink backwards on the electric meter, even if it is only happening through the afternoon.  Anyways, we had been planning and saving for this system since the spring and it was finally finished this past tuesday.  It should provide about half of our power, especially if I am able to get the geothermal system in sometime in the spring (the builder of our house did many things which we are very pleased with; the electric cooling and heating units are not one of those things however).

In other news, we picked about 7-8 bushels of various peppers from the hoop house on tuesday and are desperately trying to get them dried, smoked, pickled, or frozen before they start to go bad.  The hoop house was then replanted with winter hardy stuff- hopefully not too late in the fall that it will still have time to germinate and grow.

Marksbury Farm will be processing our chickens on 10/23- if you want fresh chicken please contact me and we can arrange a pick-up for the 23rd-25th, after which time I will freeze whatever is left of this batch.  The cost is $3/pound and they should average 3.5 to 4 pounds.

Sustainable Kentucky should have an article on our farm very shortly, please keep a look out for that- Jamie runs a great site/blog.

Jonas Hurley