Shirts and other news

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

The empty bowls supper was a rousing success, other than the baby pigs getting out just before a fairly large group of folks got to the barn.  New Pioneers raised quite a bit of money, and we were delighted to welcome so many community members to our farm.

February seems to be dragging and dragging on- the hay has been low for weeks, and I’ve had to make a couple of emergency runs to get a few extra bales.  Green grass will be quite a welcome sight here in a few weeks.

In preparation for the Kentucky Green Living Fair I’ve put together a couple of logos and am getting tee-shirts printed- they will be for sale at the fair and also at our farm- I am picking them up this friday and will have medium, large, and extra large- here are pics of the logos- the pitcher will be printed on the upper left chest in front and the chicken on the pig will be full size on the back.  The tees are $12.