Fall News

Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Nearly all of the chickens processed at Marksbury have been sold for the year.  We will probably try to raise 2 batches of meat birds next year, so if anyone wants to reserve a few please let me know. 

Also, we have had 2 interns from California, via http://www.wwoof.org/, Antony and Jenny, staying with us for a few weeks.  We have had fairly good weather and gotten quite a bit accomplished, including filling up the kiln shed with firewood from the river, butchering 50 chickens for our own use, picking up an East Friesan ram, building doors on the barn stalls, and helping friends butcher turkeys.  Big thanks to Antony and Jenny for being such good sports and so good with our kids.

I will probably need to postpone the gallery opening again- the last few weeks in November have filled up with work to the point it looks like I won’t be able to get a firing in until the first week of December.  But with my new work schedule beginning in December I will have a LOT more time at the farm and can get the kiln fired in short order.  I will try to get the gallery open before Christmas in any case.

The greenhouse is perking along beautifully- if it is sunny, and the outside temp is around 50, the inside temp of the greenhouse is usually in the mid to high 80s.  With the solar array in place, we used 120 kilowatt hours from Salt River Electric last month.  Yippee.